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about the book

What role will you play in defining the future?  Is your strategy improving the lives of your employees, and also leading to a more effective workplace?  Work on the Move 2 is the collaborative effort of 15 international experts in the fields of workplace strategy, human capital, real estate, technology and business.   The book helps companies prepare for the future of work. 

Today, Chief Executive Officers are discovering the critical link between business strategy, design, human capital, technology, sustainability and place to create an ‘experience’ for competitive advantage.  The concepts shared in this book help companies understand how to synthesize their business strategy and lead their company through a critical workplace transformation in today’s digital and shared economy.  Showcased are 17 case studies of great workplaces around the world with an emphasis on their impact on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

Topics covered include the latest global workplace trends, leadership changes, as well as the changes occurring in social responsibility; the increased importance of employee well-being, the silo-busting going on in real estate, human resources, information technology, and facility management groups to lead workplace change; new technologies being experimented and deployed for greater productivity and engagement of workplace professionals; and a day in the life of a future ‘placemaker’.    


“the office of the future will most likely include highly networked, shared, multi-purpose spaces that redefine boundaries between companies and improve everyone’s performance. Getting there won’t be easy. It will require collecting much more data to inform new design and management principles while engaging urban planners and municipal governments. It will also transform HR, IT and Facilities Management from support functions to facilitators.”
— Greg Lindsey, Harvard Business Review

What We've Achieved

In 2011, the first edition, Work on the Move: Driving Strategy and Change in Workplaces was released and proved to be the most popular IFMA Foundation book to date.  It broke new ground in the facility management profession and eventually led to the development of significant events – the first “Workplace Strategy Summit” at Cornell University in 2012 and the second “Workplace Strategy Summit” held in conjunction with the University College London in 2014.  There have been many sessions about topics covered in the book at different facility management, corporate real estate, human resources and technology conferences and meetings.  The enthusiasm around the topic and events also created the foundation of a special interest group within IFMA called the “Workplace Evolutionaries or WE.”   While these outcomes weren’t planned, they underscore the importance of workplace strategy, the passions and interest of those involved, and the need for organizations to carefully consider these social, leadership and technological transformations before simply going with the latest trend. 

The first edition proved to be an invaluable guide for those interested in taking a leadership role in the changing workplace. Like the first edition, the second edition should serve as an essential resource and thought provoker for industry-leading professionals in real estate, facility management, human resources, information technology and others willing to lead the way with bold workplace strategies to change the way we work.  The Foundation expects this version will also result in continued “Workplace Strategy Summit” events and more professionals from multiple industries engaging with IFMA’s Workplace Evolutionaries and the Real Estate Advisory and Leadership (REAL) communities.

“Had it not been for Work on The Move’s first edition, I can truly say my relocation project along with our Work From Home Program would not have been the huge success we are enjoying today. The case studies were like following a simple recipe for baking a perfect cake. It cautions the reader on pitfalls that could be lurking, encourages pre-planning processes that should never be substituted and provides invaluable “tips and tricks” that actually work. I found that by following the recipe...I ended up with the first place blue-ribbon cake. I’ll bet the frosting will be spelled out in Edition Two; I can’t wait to read it!”
— - Gaylene Domer, Vice President, Facilities, National Equity Fund