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Better Answers to Better Questions: How Big Data will Transform Corporate Real Estate

  • CoreNet Global Summit 1101 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA, 19107 United States (map)

Our buildings talk to us today in ways that would have been hard to imagine even a decade ago. The introduction of intelligent, internet-connected devices and equipment is providing enormous amounts of data that can be analyzed, interpreted and used to drive decisions and strategy. The data comes from sensors that track movement of people through the building, equipment that monitors and reports on its own performance and problems, and building systems that report usage metrics as well as occupant preferences. We are rapidly approaching a time when buildings will monitor themselves through the  data management and the "experience" of being occupied. The ability to make and execute decisions, procure supplies, contact vendors, enforce contracts, and more, is not beyond our sight.

Today, much of the data that is collected from sensors and monitors is considered "dark data"; information that is used for a single process and then set aside. As analytics become more sophisticated, we will begin to repurpose information with new datasets and discover patterns and correlations that yield unexpected insights into organizational and human behavior. Expanded data promotes informed questions and leads to an evolution of deeper insights into the cost of doing business, efficiencies that may be achievable, and, most of all the needs of workers. Privacy, ethics, morality and legality all come into play with the use of big data generated from real estate. In this session, a panel of real estate and technology experts will look at this emerging picture and discuss the kinds of new questions and new answers we can expect in a world of expansive data covering every aspect of corporate real estate and its use. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover and define new questions that you can use and can potentially have answered through the proper application of Big Data in real estate.
  • Learn the answers to five key Big Data questions your board of directors may ask you.
  • Discover new and emerging ways that privacy, ethics, morality and legality come into play when using real estate big data, and be able to identify commonalities within their own organizations/industries.
  • Define "dark data" and understand how real estate is moving forward with its application in order to identify ways to yield new and unexpected insights from it.