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Finding the Signal amid the Noise: The Importance of Standards in an Information- Enabled Digital World

  • IFMA WW 2016 Sandiego Convention Center 111 West Harbor Drive San Diego, CA, 92101 United States (map)

Data standards have long been important in supporting the ability to communicate among technology systems. In the current environment of big data, proliferating electronics and pervasive connectivity they have taken on an even greater importance. A tremendous amount of data is being generated today by our buildings, by the equipment and spaces within them and by people who carry and wear devices that emit and receive signals constantly. Standards offer the greatest hope for making sense – and making good use – of the streams of information coming at us from all directions. For facility management and real estate professionals, implementation of standards offers the promise that the dizzying profusion of relevant data coming from multiple sources in multiple formats can be matched, organized, shared and analyzed in ways that benefit decision-making, operations and planning. In this session, you will learn about how implementation of data standards can help you discover, capture and utilize the important information – the “signals” – amid the noisy storm of data being generated by our buildings, our equipment and ourselves.