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Work on The Move 2 Case Studies

Work on the Move 2 includes 17 case studies.  These case studies show the inseparable connection between people, place, process and technology and demonstrate how a well-designed workplace can positively impact business results and the triple bottom line; people, planet and profit.

Here are some of the problems the case studies solved.

  • Employee and client attraction and retention
  • Improving team collaboration
  • Increasing employee engagement and well-being
  • Managing and supporting rapid growth
  • Changing workplace demographics
  • Integrating siloed business areas
  • Reducing operating and capital costs
  • Aligning the workplace with organizational culture and brand
  • Responding to rapidly evolving technology landscape for employees and/or tenants
  • Addressing flexible work patterns with smarter work environments
  • Being sustainable and implementing a 'green' culture across the enterprise
  • Renovation and recapitalization of existing assets
  • Managing large relocation and consolidations
  • Managing across a decentralized workforce
  • Making the workplace fun and a pleasure to visit
  • Recovering from natural disasters
  • Futureproofing facilities and the workplace
  • Workspace optimization along with associated real estate cost

Our Research and Case Studies are Ongoing

We have witnessed the enormous impact great case studies have had with our industry as a whole.  These case studies help people in different ways.  For some, they become the evidence required to build their initial business case and to help educate senior leaders.  For others the case studies become a great way to benchmark, generate new ideas to help them evolve their strategies and expand their network.

We value the collective experience and wisdom from all of our authors, partners, and case study participants.  Our passionate study of workplace evolution is never ending, so we would love to hear from you if you are interested in publishing a case study or engaging with our team on experimentation or pilot projects.

Case Studies

Case studies can be global programs or a site specific project.  They can be about workplace transformation, team collaboration, organizational change, technology implementations and more.

We appreciate the passion, commitment and perseverance to create workplace transformation and strongly believe we need to recognize the excellent work being done and the teams that are leading this efforts. We would love to hear about your case and help you share it with the industry.

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